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Mami Lac 1 Extra Care 400g

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Infant Milk Formula is intended for every baby from their first days of life up to 6th month of life.

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If you are “fresh” mom – congratulations! You want everything that is the best to your baby and surely you have prepared on its coming much earlier. You already know that it is impossible to prepare for all this and there are still may surprises to come!


Our experience indicates that the matters associated with feeding babies keeps newly made moms awake at night. Breast feeding is difficult but worth learning art – we all know that mother’s milk is the source of all the ingredients necessary in the development of a child. However, it is not always possible to for the baby to be breast-fed. That is why we have created Mami Lac 1 Extra Care, the components of which were carefully selected to nearly resemble mother’s milk. Mami Lac 1 Extra Care covers all the nutrients baby needs so it ensures its proper development and growth.


The main advantages of Mami Lac 1 Extra Care:

  • No sugar added
  • Quick preparation
  • Does not require cooking
  • Does not contain any flavor additives or grain
  • Gluten free

Mami Lac 1 Extra Care contains:

  • Adapted proteins – similar to human milk protein
  • The composition of minerals, including iron necessary in the process of blood cells formation and the development of brain
  • Composition of vitamins
  • GOS – prebiotics naturally found in breast milk and support the growth of beneficial bacteria, thus protecting the child’s digestive system and child’s natural immune system
  • DHA – polyunsaturated fatty acids which support the development of the brain and nervous system of your baby
  • AA – one of the omega-6 fatty acids naturally found in breast milk, in the baby’s body it plays an essential role in building of retina and brain cells
  • Vitamin D – strengthens bones and teeth, prevents rickets.

Important information!

Remember! For the health and safety of your baby strictly follow the notes included on the product packaging. Before giving your child infant milk formula consult your doctor.

Mami Lac 1 Extra Care can be used when breast feeding is impossible or to supplement baby’s diet.


Our tip: During parallel feeding with breast milk and infant milk formula, it is good to mix both milks to harmonize the flavor. 

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